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The inspiration for our Marquetry collection comes from a deep interest in cultures, traditions, forms and textures. Our inlay designs bring elegance and warmth into any interior


Conference Table

Traditional and Modern

Our custom made marquetry designs applied on birch plywood is each uniquely designed. By marrying a classic technique with modern technology, we reinvent materials and textures to put exquisite interior design within the reach of more home and business owners.

Wooden Surfaces

Birch is the kind of wood that We use the most. Birch is a very strong and durable material. Its texture is very beautifully reflected in the graphics we develop. Any veneer may be printed. You can also print on Formica and MDF.
Acrylic abrasion resistant.

Conference Table
We developed a unique process that produce the look and texture of the material in layers, 2.5 D. An unacceptable result in its traditional counterpart

Marquetry Tables

Geometric Conference table in printed inlays of wood and paint. Available in 4 colors

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Products available with brightwood

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