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Quiet designs

Invite you to be exposed to a huge variety of acoustic solutions designed in textures and shapes that give power and elegance to the space, enabling a pleasant and quiet atmosphere for those present

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We combine advanced acoustic solutions and state of the art print technology, while maintaining acoustic capabilities. Designers and architects can fulfill their design vision in any space and receive spectacular and acoustic solutions of superior quality and durability

Cement board with

Acoustic solutions

Our acoustic solutions are based on the most authentic products available on the market from companies such as Ecophone and Armstrong and guarantee you a particularly high level of reliability of the products and compliance with health and environmental standards. As part of our acoustic solutions, the ceiling solutions include Master B and Focus Mineral Ceilings, Wool Ceilings, Metal Word Ceilings, Tray Ceilings and Floating Elements in Solo Geometric Shapes. Wall coverings and acoustic and wool mineral pictures, and perforated wood acoustic. Combined with our textural designs, you can get acoustic solutions that look and feel like existing materials in nature and construction like concrete, wood, marble and more

Organic Textures

We took inspiration from the growing organic trend and proximity to nature and used the textures of materials that worm and Enrich the space such as wood, concrete, marble and more

Metallic Wall Paper
Global trends such as sustainability and recycling are very present in today’s décor industry. With architects and designers looking for new ways to protect environmental resources, at the same time as utilising natural materials such as cement, rust, wood and marble, we will start to see more unorthodox applications made possible by developing technologies
Ceramics Tiles

Acoustic Picture


Acoustic images are a wonderful design solution for any space. In addition to being chic, they are noisy. Comes in a variety of stunning designs

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