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Invite you to uncover an endless selection of design solutions in various types of polymers that allow for transparency and opacity, elasticity and toughness of materials such as polycarbonate, acrylic and PVC

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The polymers are a set of materials with unique properties that allow us to design the material and create from it new and diverse shapes and products


About the Polymers

The polymers are a group of materials with common properties and variable properties

They are durable, lightweight, easy to process, safe and some are fireproof. Comes in a wide range of light, opaque, semi-milky and translucent capacities.

They come in different hardnesses, rigid or elastic. Come in different thicknesses and compressions.

The main materials we work with are polycarbonate, acrylic, PVC and foam boards.

Polycarbonate, a glass panel similar in appearance and transparency but suitable for uses that also require high resistance to fracture thanks to its high mechanical strength. Its acoustic and thermal advantages combined with its flexibility and low weight allow you to save on skeletal and installation costs.

Acrylic, light-transmitting board with high transparency and lightweight


Material processing and design

A smart combination of the designs, technology and material make it possible to reach beautifully designed products. The polymers are easy to process, the complementary services we provide for this purpose are:

UV digital printing with 2.5-layer technology that gives a sensible texture. Precise, clean milling, engraving and clean cutting with CNC machine that allows to produce molded blades, providing multi-layered, cutting boards and more.

Vacuum Forming, a technology that allows the heating of plastics using a special softening machine. Once the plastic has become flexible to the desired extent, use the mold according to the desired model and press the plastic through a vacuum with sufficient strength

Applications: pictures, wall and ceiling coverings, partitions, formal acrylic mirrors, scissors, floor coverings

elk Polymers
With a loose but rigorous design approach and the use of advanced technologies you can reach refreshing and exciting products
Illuminated Polymers Walls

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