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The metallic paint is part of a growing trend of closeness to nature and the use of natural materials such as copper, wood, silver, gold and other metals

metallic textures

Metallic Surfaces

We most use a polyethylene composite material with an aluminum cover layer. Our materials are fire retardant and non-toxic which allows our product to be used in a wide variety of areas where fire protection regulations are in place. We also can bend this aluminum bored For a variety of needs. Other metals we use are tin and metallic wallpaper


Metallic Glow

Metals are often associated with cold spaces and industrial decor. However, nature-inspired design trends have brought metallic textures like polished copper and hammered brass to the fore. Our metallic surface designs bring elegance and warmth into any interiors.

elkeslasi Metal collection
Copper cladding on a fire-retardant panel reconciles a warm, yet elegant ambiance with modern safety standards
Metallic Tables

Metallic Coffee Tables

A combination of metallic gold look with embossed wooden silhouettes. The tables are available in 7 different colors and of course – combine them. Glossy / matte lacquer finish.

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