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Images are revealed

Various games in light, material, color, and texture give us endless possibilities of wallcoverings with a unique identity for each space. We have developed a collection in which the most innovative is images that come only under lighting

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The surfaces are printed in 2.5D technique and have the look and feel of natural materials such as concrete, rust, wood or marble. Under lighting, these panels reveal a new layer of detail.


Exposure and concealment

Our exclusive development for coatings that combine texture and light allows us to use light as a material in a number of different ways

Control areas where we want to reveal images and which areas do not and so the texture remains and integrally reveals a patron or an image. The result is spectacular

This technique makes it possible to create designs that are expressed day and night differently

The glass can be used as a diffuser through which light passes according to a selected design

The central areas of the image can be illuminated with a unique technique

Lighted glass surfaces

The designs can be applied on transparent materials such as glass or acrylic

The surfaces are suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions

You can set up a dimming program and create a motion game

The color and intensity of the lighting can be determined using a control system

(The hidden layer is customizable by design (strength, color, design, or size)

elk -Enlightenment walls at LARA
The technology we have developed incorporates multi-layer digital printing based on organic ink. It can be applied to surfaces and boards of a variety of materials (wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc.), and on the other hand it allows to simulate different types of materials (wood, concrete, rust) and to combine different types of finishes. In combination with lighting you get spectacular effects
Illuminated Picture

Enlightenment Picture

A new collection of Glass Pictures selectively illuminated now at elk shop

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