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Delicacy and elegance

Invite you to be exposed to an infinite variety of glass design solutions, various transparency designs, looks, multi-layer and depth, metallic combinations and inlays

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How simple and sophisticated it is. The glass fits in with the trend of minimalism, contributes to small spaces, comes in a variety of colors, levels of transparency and endless shapes, it can be found in a variety of designs that fit every space and is independent of passing trends

Door cladding

Elegant transparency

The transparency and light translucency features of the glass are inspirational for us as we design our collection.

The glazes we use are Acid (Frosted), Clear and Ultra Clear. The techniques we use are varied and enabling glass

Multilayer look by printing from 2 sides of the glass

Use of embedding technique

Use of selective lighting when we control light-transmitting areas.

Designs that combine silver and gold

Textures that give a vintage look and glass and show designs that control the resulting transparency and opacity.

The glass can be integrated into any space, kitchen, doors and mirrors


The glazes we use are Acid (Frosted), Clear and Ultra Clear. The types of prints we make are UV prints on glass, stained glass in the process of spraying, ceramic prints for outdoor conditions, laminated glass printing (between layers), stickers with different levels of transparency glued to the glass. Our designs undergo development and are durable over time. You can print front, back and print a sticker. Available in multi-layered, metallic, textured combinations and sensible patterns, different transparencies to opaque looks and mirrors. The glazes are provided with a diamond or plain finish. The glass products we provide are tempered glass coverings, partitions, doors, glass in the kitchens, glass tables, pictures, mirror products and more

Glass Samples
Glasses are valuable tools in door design. On the one hand, the glass has proven itself to be a wonderful acoustic insulator that prevents sound transitions between rooms and on the other, the light rays radiating through it give it a special glow that is unparalleled in other materials
Acrylic Mirrors

Vintage Mirrors

Ancient mirrors in modern interpretation. There are 4 types of mirrors in our collection of antique mirrors.

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Products available with brightwood